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Read this about ringtone Mobile Phone Ringtones via the web and on audio CDs

Author: Robert Harper
Dear Music Fans, Just have a few minutes to write... just wanted to share a little bit of information. I thought that music downloading were going to destroy sales of the regular compact disc. Wrong. Manufacturers are starting to add interesting tools like ringtone creators. Listed below are a few ringtones I've found. P.S. Complete article with the related links available on the website. Country Music Ringtones, a random selection of country music ringtones mp3 files for your phone,courtesy of mobile1ringtones. ------ Some of the available artists and songs Drinking Bone Country Music Ringtone by Tracy Byrd Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks He Stopped Loving Her Today by George Jones Carrying Your Love With Me by George Strait I Melt Ringtone By Rascal Flatts ------ Note: Polyphonic tunes sound a hell of alot better than the mono, however, the phone may have problem handling them. Nokia 3510, Sony Ericsson P800, and Siemens C55 are able to receive files for use as ringtones. The phones contain a small sound card with various instruments. Also, the makers of CDs are starting to introduce software on your favorite disc; one of the best known is ringtone maker Xingtone, adding value to the CD, thus making ringtones of your favorite music a snap, (easy). Maybe the next CD you purchase may have the letters ECD on the label. ECD is short for enhanced compact audio disc... look for 'enhanced CD' on your next audio disc. About the Author Robert Harper owns Harper's Distribution in El Paso, Texas. Robert writes, "I'm a country music fan, and I love talking and writing about country music." Sometimes I find really juicy news (especially if it involves money) and I'll blab it to the whole world. Website: ...

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